The County Adult Hill Walking Training Lead and Hill Walking Assessor is Phillip Gamston. (getinthehills@glmwscouts.org.uk)

The Hill Walking Team offers adventure and training in the hills and mountains of the UK to the Leaders and Network members of the GLMW Scout County. Whether you are new to the hills, or a veteran looking for permit renewal or an excuse to get out into the hills, this continuing programme offers something for you.  Built around regular weekend trips to some of the best hill and mountain locations in the UK, the programme builds a continuous personal development of skills necessary for safe and successful adventure in the wild.  Assessment weekends organised within the regular annual cycle of events will give the opportunity for participants to display the skills they need to qualify for Scouting hill walking permits.

The dates of our events can be found on the Activities Diary and if you would like to join us for one of the weekends please e-mail us and we will get all the details to you.

You can also find us and register your interest in joining an event at our Facebook page where you will also be able to take a look at photographs of previous walking events and weekends.

All of our activities and information about the team are available on our web site at http://www.glmwhillwalking.org.uk/