Development in GLMW

See the Development page for information on the Scout Association Regional Development Service.

The County Executive Committee has established the GLMW County Development Group to support the development of Scouting in the County and to support the Regional Development Officer (RDO) in carrying out their duties.

  1. Membership of the development group should include a representative of the County Team, the Scout Association's Regional Development Manager for GLMW, a District Commissioner, a Group Scout Leader, a representative from the diverse communities in the County, and a member of the 18/25 group.
  2. The RDO's line manager will also be a member of the development group and report to the Chair of the development group.
  3. The day to day management of the RDO may be outsourced to the Regional Development Service of The Scout Association. In this case, the Regional Development Service will provide a named individual who will be the RDO's line manager.
  4. To ensure that all development projects undertaken by the RDO are within the scope of the County Development Plan as approved by the County Commissioner and County Executive.
  5. To approve development projects to be undertaken by the RDO and that those projects are in line with the available capacity in order to give maximum benefit to the County.
  6. To ensure that projects undertaken provide value for money within the budget framework, as agreed by the County Executive and the project sponsors.
  7. The Chairman (or representative) of the development group will report progress of the development projects to the County Executive.
  8. To recommend any major capital expenditure as required which fall outside the pre-agreed annual budget and are in excess of £250.00
  9. To offer guidance and support to Districts and Groups on building their development plans.
  10. To maintain good relationships with project sponsors, local authorities and local Scouting communities to facilitate the support and success of all development projects.
  11. To support and advise the County Commissioner and County Executive Committee on the future development of the County and changes to the County Strategy.
  12. To advise the County Executive on the appointment of any development employees, including replacement RDO. The appointment of any employees is the responsibility of the County Executive Committee, in consultation with the County Commissioner. Any employees will be appointed in accordance with POR and statutory requirements.
  13. The development group will meet at regular intervals to:
  • Approve development projects and submitted work plans of the RDO.
  • Discuss project progress.
  • Provide support to the RDO's line manager.
  • Consider development budgetary issues.
  • Prepare and make grant applications.