County Team and Executive Photos

Here are photographs of some of the County Team and County Executive Committee.
Others will be added when available.

Regional Commissioner and Acting County Commissioner: Terry Kingham

Deputy County Commissioner (Programe): Richard Williams

Deputy County Commissioner (Events and Activities): Stuart Walton

Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Support): Alison Oakley

Deputy County Commissioner (Marketing and Communciations): Geoff Vanderplank

County Youth Commissioner: Charlotte McBrayne

Assistant County Commissioner (Programme): Phil Power

Assistant County Commissioner (Programme): Martin Raby

County Training Manager: Mark Spiller

Assistant County Commissioner (International): Keyur Patel

Assistant County Commissioner (Special Needs): Chris Alleeson

County Scout Active Support Manager: Jackie Willis

Assistant County Commissioner (Top Awards): Maxcine Hill Beattie

Assistant County Commissioner (Diversity): Peter Smallwood

County Chairman: Chad Lake

County Secretary: Karen Tempest

County Treasurer: David Carlen

Elected Member: Leon Mielewcyk

Elected Member: Phil Power

Elected Member: Aslam Bakarally

Elected Member: David Browning

Elected Member: Stephen Plume

Nominated Member: John Arnold

Nominated Member: Satyadeep Singh Gujral

Nominated Member: Debra Griffiths

Nominated Member: Alexandra Taylor-Brown

Coopted Member: Tony Groves