The County Executive Committee has established the Finance sub-committee to advise it on all financial matters appertaining to the County.

  1. To advise the County Treasurer and the County Executive Committee on all matters affecting financial management within the County.
  2. To draw up an annual budget for consideration by the County Executive Committee.
  3. To recommend to the County Executive Committee the amount of any County membership fee.
  4. To assist the County Executive Committee to comply with the rules set out in POR relating to financial matters.
  5. To oversee all County fund raising activities.
  6. To offer advice and support to any County sub-committee having financial responsibilities and to any County personnel concerned for any event, activity or project involving financial responsibility.
  7. To offer advice and support to Districts and Groups on financial management.
  8. To undertake any other work delegated to it by the County Executive Committee.

Attached below are a number of documents produced by the finance sub committee for use by County volunteers.

GLMW Out of Pocket Expenses Claim Forms 2016 to 17
 BAC's payments will be made from GLMW Accounts and will be the preferred method of payment, if cheque payment is required please write this on the claim form. Please use the new forms attached which requests account details for BAC's payments. The HM Revenue & Customs  have changed the wording for Gift Aid donations the new wording is on the 2016/17 forms.

The Excel version is for filling in on a PC as the form will auto sum the information as it is added to the form. Please do not print out blank forms from the Excel version as £0.00 will appear in all the totals. 

Please use the PDF version for printing out and filling in by hand as the totals on this form will print out as blanks.  

3rd Party Advance Payments

Where an advanced payment is required to pay a 3rd Party (such as an invoice for good to be purchased or an activity payment refund)  please use the advanced payment request form below. Where possible please provide bank details for a transfer rather then requesting a cheque

Event Proposal Form34.5 KB
Finance Ways of Working - June 2010 version112.5 KB
GLMW CLAIM FORM 2016 to 17 new wording.xlsx31.72 KB
GLMW Claim Form 2016 to 17 PDF.pdf91.55 KB
GLMW Advance Payment Request Form.xls39 KB

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