PACCAR Management


 The County Executive Committee has established the Paccar Scout Camp, Management Board to manage, maintain and develop the camp site and to support the Site Manager in their duties.

Terms of Reference

Membership of the Board should include a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and four other appointed persons responsible for Finance, Development, Marketing and Health and Safety respectively. A representative of the districts in the county may be appointed without a specific area of responsibility. The Site Manager is an invited member. 

  1. The Management Board will create such sub-groups as may be necessary to conduct their duties.
  2. To appropriately manage the assets of the site including the financial assets held by the site.
  3. To maintain adequate insurance cover for the camp site.
  4. To draw up an annual budget for the camp site, for consideration by the Finance sub-committee, that encompasses all anticipated expenditure and builds a reserve against future capital requirements.
  5. To set the fees for the use of the camp site.
  6. To promote the use of the site within and outside the County.
  7. To ensure that good relationships are maintained with local authorities, neighbours and the local community, associations and the like and the local Scouting community.
  8. To lead the formation and execution of a development plan for the site, in consultation and agreement with the County Executive Committee.
  9. To advise the County Executive Committee on the appointment of any camp site employees, including the Site Manager. The appointment of any employees is the responsibility of the County Executive Committee, in consultation with the County Commissioner. Any employees will be appointed in accordance with POR and statutory requirements.
  10. To recruit and manage all voluntary helpers in accordance with POR and statutory requirements. To ensure that full up to date records of all voluntary helpers are maintained.
  11. To ensure compliance with all Health & Safety regulations.
  12. To ensure adherence to the Equal Opportunities policy of the Scout Association.
  13. To undertake any other work delegated to it by the County Executive Committee.

Adopted and approved by the County Executive Committee 11th November 2009