Lily Carter

LILY MAY CARTER - 1920 TO 2017

This is from the tribute to their mother Lily given by John and Lyn Carter at the Funeral Service.

Lily will be remembered primarily for her long and dedicated service to the Scouting Movement; in Ealing and Hanwell, to the County Camp Site at Chalfont Heights, and to Baden-Powell House in Kensington.  She was awarded the rare distinction of a 70 Years Service Award.

For Lily, her family was the highest priority, she was the glue holding the family together.  She spent her life helping other people, putting other people first at all times.

She lived her life true to the principles of the Scout Law and Promise.  She gave love and kindness to other people in abundance.  Twice each year she would travel to France to visit the family.  There are four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  She cared for her friends and gave much help to others.

Lily's Service Record
ACSL and then CSL at 7th Hanwell - October 1938 to February 1953
DCSL Ealing and Hanwell - October 1949 to February 1953
ADC(CS) Ealing and Hanwell - February 1953 to March 1972
ADC(LT) Ealng and Hanwell - March 1972 to December 1983
District Vice President Ealing and Hanwell - September 1983 onwards

Lily's Scouting Awards
Medal of Merit - March 1953
Bar to Medal of Merit - July 1964
Silver Acorn - April 1971
Bar to Silver Acorn- April 1981
Silver Wolf - April 1989
70 Years Service Award - April 2009

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