County Development

GLMW are supported by members of the Scout Association Regional Development Service (RDS) led by the Regional Development Manager for the London Region, Debbie Evans.  We have appointed Jack Higgins as the dedicated Reginal Development Officer for GLMW.

The RDS have produced a paper explaining their objectives for 2011/2012 , together with their aims to help develop the region.

Attached are the documents which provide more details. If you require, as a Group or District, require support please download the form, complete and forward to your DC in order for them to send to Debbie.  

We pay for the RDS through our National Membership fee; we need to ask for help to get it!

Here is a link to a video by our Development Officer, Jack Higgins:

RDS objectives 2011 - 2012.pdf109.85 KB
RDS Project Outline Form Greater London.doc67 KB
RDS Work Areas - Sep11.pdf83.21 KB
GLMW Development Outline Form.docx26.22 KB

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