Kandersteg 2017

Our 2017 Expedition to Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland has arrived! Follow all the action on the expedition blog on this page. Information for group leaders can still be found online here.

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K2017 Marketing Brochure.pdf653.74 KB
NewsBulletinNo1JULY2016.pdf2.03 MB
K2017 Staff Advance Party and Early Arrivers Arrengements.pdf121.93 KB
K2017 Group Registration form.xls30 KB
PowerPoint Presentation.pdf2.45 MB
20160927 K2017 Draft Menu.xlsx12.12 KB
KANDERSTEG 2017 sizing.docx612.36 KB
KANDERSTEG 2017a order form-1.docx619.08 KB
KANDERSTEG 2017a order form and size guide.pdf405.7 KB
K2017-Map-Campsite.pdf2.16 MB
K2017 equipment booking form.docx792.95 KB
K2017_Staff_Mandate_Form.pdf382.02 KB
K2017_Staff_Activity_and_Camp_Bank_Deposit_Form_Blank.pdf386.79 KB
K2017_Staff_Early_Request_for_funds.pdf404.29 KB
K2017 Staff Early Request for funds.docx621.67 KB
K2017 Staff Activity and Camp Bank Deposit Form Blank.docx619.84 KB
20170304 Draft Menusv1.7 complete.doc4.02 MB
Form GH K2017 with risk consent Blank.doc50.5 KB
K2017 Staff Mandate Form.docx619.59 KB
Form_GH_K2017_risk.doc50.5 KB
K2017 _Staff_Mandate.docx617.63 KB
KANDERSTEG 2017b order form free issue for Groups.pdf390.77 KB
KANDERSTEG 2017a final order form.pdf401.11 KB
KANDERSTEG_Mechandise_Final.pdf401.11 KB
20170304 Draft Recipes v1.8 complete.doc4.02 MB
20170224 Food Menu K2017 (1).xlsx13.69 KB
20170304_Draft_Recipes_v1.8_complete.doc4.02 MB
K2017_NB2.pdf2.6 MB
K2017 NB3 Final.pdf3.2 MB
Kandersteg 2017 Cook Book - Issue 1 - PAGES.pdf4.83 MB
Kandersteg 2017 Duck Brief.pdf800.82 KB
K2017 - Programme Layout.pdf1.56 MB
Template - Kit Personal declaration form.docx84.77 KB
Template - Kit Group declaration form.doc.docx70.17 KB
Template - Kit Personal declaration form.pdf142.31 KB
Template - Kit Personal declaration form - part completed.pdf145.99 KB
Template - Kit Group declaration form.pdf146.61 KB
Baggage Retrieval Form V3 2017 07 10.pdf526.89 KB
Baggage Delivery Form V3 2017 07 10.pdf584.19 KB
Expedition Programme Guide v2.pdf999.89 KB
Kandersteg 2017 Staff Supplement - Issue 1 - Pages.pdf1.26 MB
Scout Travel Overseas Policy Wording Issue 2.2 Jan-2017.pdf1.52 MB

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