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The Network Section in GLMW is led by the ACC 14-25, Alastair Richards.

Throughout the year, Network members join County Hill Walking Team training events in Wales, the Peak District and the Lakes. They compete in September in a competition for Scout Network with the SkyCamp Challenge. In March 2014, this year's Scout Network Bog Seat Challenge kicked off. Bog Seat Challenge CompetitorsThe Bog Seat trophy is held by successful units until challenged and beaten by another unit. The Challenges can be any (within reason!) format and are open to all units across the county. The Unit that holds the Bog Seat Trophy for the longest period in 2014 will win £150 for their unit funds.


The competitors at the inaugural Bog Seat Challenge event in 2013...First winners REN Network


Network SkyCamp winners 2012And the Scorpions Network team that won the SkyCamp Challenge 2012. Everyone who took part had a wild time in the trees at Chalfont.

Recent Network News

DBS Requirements

SkyCamp 16th-18th September 2016

Booking is now open for SkyCamp 2016!

This is a very popular event and spaces are filled quickly. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Information and booking information attached.

Isle of Wight Revolution

Isle of Wight Revolution is a National Explorer and Network Activity Camp, has run every Easter since 1995 on the beautiful Isle of Wight. This year’s event is from the 2nd to the 6th April and the website with all the details and how to book to is:


Bog Seat Challenge 2014 Up and Running

This years competition kicked off with a ten pin bowling challenge at Park Royal between the joint winners of last year’s challenge, Imperial (West London) and REN. REN feeling confident, arrived with enough players to enter two teams, Imperial were also feeling quietly confident so the competition was clearly going to be hot. The winners would be the team with the highest average team score over two games.

With all the teams getting off to a flying start, strikes and spares were posted by many players and the subsequent bravado was impressive. The end of the first game saw the average scores standing at: REN (Team Kate) 81; Imperial 86.3; and, clear leaders, REN (Team Pete) 92.2. The top individual scores Andrew (Imperial) 99, Kate (Team Kate) 115 and Joe (Team Pete) 129.

An ACC Goes Blogging - 19 Feb 2014

Freezer Camp – Wind, Rain, Ice and Sunshine

Everybody was there Friday afternoon, tents getting pitched and the wind is already starting to buffet the place. Our site was in the woods so a little more sheltered. Outer flysheets up and pinned to the ground with extra-long pegs. That should do the trick. Out on the Main Field, the early arrivals are standing on the canvas to hold it in place while the pegs are found and poles can be fed through the loops and sleeves. This could get exciting…

Starbucks Youth Action Funding

We have been advised that there is a funding opportunity for young people aged 16-24 from Starbucks.

UK Youth and Starbucks are delighted to announce that Starbucks Youth Action funding is available for young people to deliver a project making a positive difference to people in their community.

Young people between the ages of 16-24, living anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales can apply now for funding of up to £2,000 available.

An ACC Goes Blogging - 6 Feb 2014

GLMW Expedition Training and Assessment Programme 2014

Pitching tentsIt began at “omg it’s early”, 8:30am, last Saturday morning with the pitching of tents and registration to make sure that the people who had signed up were actually the people who were turning up. 47 Scouts and Explorer Scouts from across GLMW arrived to commence this year’s Expedition training and Assessment Programme. After a week of lashing rain and howling gales, the expectation was for a waterlogged and unpleasant weekend in the mud. But no, what was this? The sun forced its way through the early Saturday morning clouds and a dry day was in prospect. The tents went up on moderately dry areas near the training complex and, yes, smiling was in evidence.

An ACC Goes Blogging - 19 Jan 2014

Knowledge and Creativity

With all of the great libraries of the world obtainable on line and the power to find information available to anyone with a smartphone in their pocket, there has never been an era where people can have so much knowledge on hand for any particular purpose they choose. StonehengeAt the same time, it sometimes appears that people know less and are less interested to find out for themselves the things that might make the world a more exciting, well developed or positive place.

An ACC Goes Blogging - 10 Jan 2014

Explorers and Fire

An ACC Goes Blogging

Welcome to 2014 and a Happy New Year to you. As the Christmas decorations go away and we get in to the planning for the year questions like: “where to start?” raise their heads. It turns out that there is much to look forward to this year with a wide range of events and activities on the Explorer and Network Calendar that has something for everyone to get their teeth into.

Explorer LogoThere are large scale camping and activity opportunities in nearly every month this year starting in the next few weeks with the potential for wet, snow or icy camping experiences at Gilwell Wintercamp and our own PACCAR February Freezer Camp. A shortlist of some of my favourites is at the end of this report with these and many more regularly listed in the County Diary.

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