Safeguarding Training

Who needs this course?

As an adult  in Scouting we have the privilege of supporting young people to become valued, empowered and proud.

We also have a responsibility to keep our young people safe. However the risks are changing all the time so it’s important that as adults in Scouting we take the time to think about how we can best keep young people and ourselves safe. 

Why should I do this learning?

Safeguarding training will give you the opportunity to explore how we promote the wellbeing of young people in Scouting. By using Scouting methods like small group work and learning by doing, the training seeks to give you both the knowledge on the wider issues and concerns surrounding child protection but also gives you the opportunity to focus on scouting specific scenarios. It gives learners the knowledge and skills to feel confident in their safeguarding responsibilities.

The course is presented by trainers who have undertaken specific training with The Scout Association and delivered in a sensitive but interactive way. The session allows for participants to communicate ideas with the trainer and share their views with other members of the course.

This sort of learning is incredibly valuable as it allows us to talk about the difficult issues that can present themselves in today’s modern scouting. The course will result in participants to be even better role models to our young people.

The sooner you can undertake the workshop the better, look below for dates and some interesting pre-course reading and other resources. Contact your LTM to book a place on the course.

Safeguarding doesn’t have to be difficult or scary... when working with other adults in a safe workshop environment you will find that you are not alone and your trainer will be able help give advice and point you to further support.

It's aim is to enable you to be more confident and to ask all the questions you need.

How do I book?

Click here to go the Training diary or alternatively contact your Local Training Manager who will be able to advise you of dates and locations of courses across GLMW.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about safeguarding training or courses please do get in touch with the safeguarding awareness coordinator in GLMW.

Useful Links and resources:


Below are links to the advice on safeguarding from The Scout Association